Nutritional Drink

The main constituents of king coconut water are easily digestible sugars, minerals and vitamins. The minerals are the potassium and sodium, the ‘serum electrolytes’ of which potassium is found in much higher concentration than sodium.

The king coconut water also contains other key minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. It also contains vitamin C and some vitamins of the B-complex group such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, pyridoxine and folate.

Laden with such vital nutrients; the king coconut water has multiple health benefits and the Sri Lankans treasure this thirst-quenching nature’s gift. Some of its benefits are outlined below: As it is rich in serum electrolytes, it is used as a rehydrate fluid and energy booster especially after physical activities.

The vitamins in the king coconut water are required as coenzymes essential for cellular functions. Cytokinins in the king coconut water are believed to reduce the risk of degenerative and age-related diseases and also helps to fight against cancer. The minerals in this water help to regulate the blood pressure levels and also promote general wellness of our being.

Thus, the king coconut water brimming with nutrition and vitality is considered to be a ‘pharmaceutical wonder’ or a ‘living pharmacy’ by Sri Lankans. In recent years, Sri Lanka has been packing this ‘fluid of life’ into bottles and widely exporting to other countries wherein consumers have adopted the coconut water as ‘Mother Nature’s Sports Drink’.